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Título:Purpose of Reunion
Título original:동창회의 목적
Duración:100 min.
Géneros: Drama | Romance


Promedio: 6.5 (4 votos)
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Dongchul, who is managing a small bar, is always enthusiastic about his school reunions. One day, Yujin, who has never showed up to a reunion, shows up at his bar. Her baby face and vitality make her unlike other married women and all the men fall for her, especially Dongchul. They start a relationship but it abruptly flames out due to the sudden arrival of Dongchul’s wife. As they get to know each other's secrets, will their love be allowed to grow?

  • Jung Dae-man

    Jung Dae-man


  • Dong-cheol  (동철)

    Dong-cheol (동철)

    Jo In-woo

  • Yoo-jin  (유진)

    Yoo-jin (유진)

    Kim Yoo-yeon

  • Sang-joon  (상준)

    Sang-joon (상준)

    Lee Hyeon-seong

  • Maeng-hoon  (맹훈)

    Maeng-hoon (맹훈)

    Kim Neul-me

  • Yeong-mi  (영미)

    Yeong-mi (영미)

    Yoo Seung-hyun

  • Mal-ja  (말자)

    Mal-ja (말자)

    Choi Go-eun

  • Soon-jeong (순정)

    Soon-jeong (순정)

    Lee Hyeon-joo

  • Alumnus 2 (동창2)

    Alumnus 2 (동창2)

    Lee Chang-soo

  • Alumnus 4 (동창4)

    Alumnus 4 (동창4)

    Kim Si-jin

  • BAR employee 2 (BAR직원2)

    BAR employee 2 (BAR직원2)

    Kim Eun-bi

  • Ending male alumni (엔딩동창남)

    Ending male alumni (엔딩동창남)

    Kim Geon-VII

  • Yoo-jin's husband (유진남편)

    Yoo-jin's husband (유진남편)

    Song Chang-hyeon

  • Convenience store part-timer - Cameo (편의점알바)

    Convenience store part-timer - Cameo (편의점알바)

    Kim Bo-ri

  • Male witness (목격남)

    Male witness (목격남)

    Moon Jin-yeong

  • Geum-rye (금례)

    Geum-rye (금례)

    Lee Joo-hee

  • BAR employee 1 (BAR직원1)

    BAR employee 1 (BAR직원1)

    Seo Na-hye

  • Alumnus 3 (동창3)

    Alumnus 3 (동창3)

    Seon Jeong-hwa

  • Alumnus 1 (동창1)

    Alumnus 1 (동창1)

    Kim Jang-dong

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