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Titulo:Purpose of Reunion
Titulo Original:동창회의 목적
Duración:100 min
Genero: Drama | Romance


Promedio: 5.5 (3 votos)
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Dongchul, who is managing a small bar, is always enthusiastic about his school reunions. One day, Yujin, who has never showed up to a reunion, shows up at his bar. Her baby face and vitality make her unlike other married women and all the men fall for her, especially Dongchul. They start a relationship but it abruptly flames out due to the sudden arrival of Dongchul’s wife. As they get to know each other's secrets, will their love be allowed to grow?

Crítica de la película
  • Jung Dae-man

    Jung Dae-man


  • Dong-cheol  (동철)

    Dong-cheol (동철)

    Jo In-woo

  • Yoo-jin  (유진)

    Yoo-jin (유진)

    Kim Yoo-yeon

  • Sang-joon  (상준)

    Sang-joon (상준)

    Lee Hyeon-seong

  • Maeng-hoon  (맹훈)

    Maeng-hoon (맹훈)

    Kim Neul-me

  • Yeong-mi  (영미)

    Yeong-mi (영미)

    Yoo Seung-hyun

  • Mal-ja  (말자)

    Mal-ja (말자)

    Choi Go-eun

  • Soon-jeong (순정)

    Soon-jeong (순정)

    Lee Hyeon-joo

  • Alumnus 2 (동창2)

    Alumnus 2 (동창2)

    Lee Chang-soo

  • Alumnus 4 (동창4)

    Alumnus 4 (동창4)

    Kim Si-jin

  • BAR employee 2 (BAR직원2)

    BAR employee 2 (BAR직원2)

    Kim Eun-bi

  • Ending male alumni (엔딩동창남)

    Ending male alumni (엔딩동창남)

    Kim Geon-VII

  • Yoo-jin's husband (유진남편)

    Yoo-jin's husband (유진남편)

    Song Chang-hyeon

  • Convenience store part-timer - Cameo (편의점알바)

    Convenience store part-timer - Cameo (편의점알바)

    Kim Bo-ri

  • Male witness (목격남)

    Male witness (목격남)

    Moon Jin-yeong

  • Geum-rye (금례)

    Geum-rye (금례)

    Lee Joo-hee

  • BAR employee 1 (BAR직원1)

    BAR employee 1 (BAR직원1)

    Seo Na-hye

  • Alumnus 3 (동창3)

    Alumnus 3 (동창3)

    Seon Jeong-hwa

  • Alumnus 1 (동창1)

    Alumnus 1 (동창1)

    Kim Jang-dong

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